Friday, July 12, 2013

Camping! And tips!

We love camping, and especially at Yosemite. Techman has been camping and climbing there for most of his life—I was late to the party until I moved to California, and I couldn't believe I'd never experienced anything so beautiful before.

Starboy LOVES sleeping in the tent and playing outside.

 I'm not a light packer, but we sure do camp comfortably! I have the packing down to a science. You can check out my packlists here or at the link below. There's a gear packing list, a pack planner, meal planner, and my top Yosemite picks for newbies.

On the down side, if you follow the tips, your car might look like a little like this:

Ours does, and it drives Techman nuts. Luckily I don't mind traveling on this trip with no leg room.

Preparing for bear country is a pain in the ass—anything with even a miniscule scent needs to be stored in the brown bear locker. But after so many years we have it down.

This little table was a great score at a Crate and Barrel sale a few years ago. No worries about Starboy slipping through the picnic table, and he has a place to play while we're preparing dinner.

Starboy has been going to Yosemite since he was an infant. Getting outdoors is grounding for all of us. 

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