Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aquarium field trip

Fantastic day at the aquarium with Starboy and Mary Jane, our resident butterflies. Otters and diving birds were a big hit, though watching the Thumbstumbler tough it out with a creepy licky lorikeet bird on her arm to convince her daughter it was safe to feed the birds herself was very entertaining.

Luckily no birds landed on me. This time.

We all liked the guy in the penguin suit—a real penguin suit, not a tuxedo—Starboy and MJ squished some pennies and took home some plastic otters, penquins and sea lions. The scuba divers cleaning the tanks were a point of concern and likely will cause nightmares tonight for everyone involved. Starboy for sure does not like anything with a creepy face or buggy eyes. The potty with the loud toilets didn't make the Top Ten list, either.

 Look it's an awesome water table! But I'm no way touching those sea urchins. Line? What line of 15 people behind us? They all look like adults. Don't they know this is for kids?

No photoshop. That thing had a legspan of, like, four feet across. Super creepy.

Sharks and Rays tanks. Short mommy discussion about what a bad idea it is to step on a sting ray.

 This guy was a good 11 inches across, and scooting sideways like wildfire.

Intrepid traveling toddlers.
Can I even say that any more? These guys are tall. They're practically....preschoolers.

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