Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fairy Garden Redux

We've created another fairy garden, for Aunt Troi.* Her kids are grown, so we gave her a downsized edition, in a railing-planter. Starboy insisted on a terra-cotta colored planter to match her yard, and on one that was large enough for the fairies to really set up shop.

There is an arbor and a path, and the same mossy grass that needs mowing occasionally. We're hoping the kalanchoe clipping will root and thrive.

Troi loves a little Parisian theme. so her garden has a place for the more civilized fairies to take some tea and catch up. The little fence is from Joann, but the rest of the store-bought furniture is from the Miniature Garden Shoppe online.

If you are making a garden this year, you need to check out Donni's contest at The Magic Onions! More than 75 families from around the world have created wonderous gardens and linked to photos there, and they all are pretty incredible. So many brilliant ideas! The contest closes on August 1.

Also, I've started a massive Pinterest page for fairy gardens, with heavy pinning of Magic Onions contest entries. These miniature gardens are so enchanting and inspirational!

 Always take time to stop and smell the flowers.

The little bushes are hen-and-chicks succulents.

Starboy loves opening and closing the arbor gate. The animals like to walk through it, too. He helped make the plan for the garden, especially its design, but I don't think it was as experiential for him as it will be even next year, or with less fussy materials. I have to say, it's fun to have a neat and lovely organized (store-bought) setup, but there are a ton of creative and more homespun gardens over at The Magic Onions. You really need to check them out.

*Nearly everyone on the blog has a code name.

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