Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The fairy garden is finished — for now

The arbor finally arrived, the dead Bacopa plants were returned to Lowe's, and we still need to cut the grass. Everything is thriving—for now. Check us out — over at The Magic Onions 2012 Fairy Garden Contest! There are lots of other great gardens featured there, and on my Pinterest board

The alligator loves to swim in the pond. The bridge is cute but is a bit out of scale with the other items in the garden. Something to think about as you shop, if you're picky about such things.

Zebra is hiding in the chives. Starboy just asked for some more water because Zebra wants to swim in the pond.

 Baby tiger likes to play in the cave.

 The arbor gate is beautiful! We are warned that "The arbor is not a toy, for decorative use only, contains sharp edges," So I watch Starboy carefully when he plays and he knows to be gentle with it.

Tiger climbs on a rock that Starboy found in the street during a walk with Techman.

Serenity in the garden.

Baby Giraffe checks out the well. Sometimes he likes to swim here. He is a very clean giraffe, so we are not worried about the health issues with that.

Starboy loves to play here in our shady spot! Here's how we built our garden. I think overall it probably could use one less feature (maybe lose the bridge? Not very many of the animals fit on it) but Starboy and his zoo animals love every element. Cross your fingers the new purple plants survive!


  1. Love that you added the special touches to this enchanting fairy garden. Lovely.

  2. Thank you! Starboy loves the water features!

  3. Your bridges are adorable! Great idea!