Saturday, April 21, 2012

Building a fairy well

Starboy said he wanted a well for his garden. Donni's idea, seen on The Magic Onions, of using a container as a base seemed like a good setup to me.

 I used a short jelly jar as the base, and dried the well upside-down so the rocks would not slide off. The small, flat rocks worked the best.

 It took half to three-quarters of a tube of silicone glue to do the well. Techman and I decided that the glue gun glue might shatter from the smooth surface of the glass. Note that this glue is not supposed to be submerged in water, so using it on the inside might not be a great idea.

 The next morning, I filled in the holes with some smaller gravel stones.

 I really like the texture.

I made a small lip so the well wouldn't look completely like rocks glued to a jar.

It's going to look great in action!

Here are two more ideas for building a well, one at The Juise, using a glue gun and rocks, and another using a tile grouting technique.

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