Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On feeling not left-out

Recently I took a parenting class to explore some new strategies that still are in line with our philosophies.

During the class, one of the other parents recommended the Todd Parr Feelings Flashcards. We've been talking with Starboy for a long while about feelings and their labels, and I've been meaning to create a book with magazine pictures that describe a number of feelings. Which I haven't started yet. So, for ten bucks, I figured I'd give the cards a try. They've been a hit, although I have to say some of the illustrations are a little vague.

About a week or two ago, Starboy got stuck in his room, but it hit him in a funny way when I couldn't get there immediately, and he flipped out a little. Later I talked with him about it.

Mommy: You were feeling sad earlier.

Starboy: Yeah.

Mommy: You were stuck behind the gate, asking for Mommy. You really wanted Mommy to come, but you were by yourself, stuck behind the gate.

Starboy: I wanted Mommy.

Mommy: You wanted to be with Mommy when she was working in the kitchen. Were you feeling left out? .... Were you feeling left out like the little doggy on the cards, whose friends are all together without him?

Starboy: No. I was not like the little doggy because I was not in a building looking out the window. I was by the gate.

So good news: Unless we can find a thin, four-story building with a window to look out, our son will never feel "left out." A success on all accounts.

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