Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fairy Longing

It all started here.
And here.
And here.
Fairyland by Trio Events Kids. Photos by Carla Gates Photography.

Two years ago, my friend Trés Juliee, the incredible artist behind the magical Blue Cupcake, hosted an enchanted fairy birthday party for her daughter Oceane. The girls were transformed into fairies with wings and skirts of gossamer, and they painted homes for smaller fairies to live in. They feasted on Blue Cupcakes delicious cakes, cake pops, macarons, and s'mores pops. Trio Events created a mystical fairy land, that Juliee echoed in planters on the tabletops. It was transfixing.

And then I learned of the amazing Donni, of The Magic Onions and other Waldorf inspirations. She blogged about a fantastic fairy garden she built with her kids in a wine cask in 2009, and turned it into an annual challenge for her readers.

Photos by Donni's Dovie Moon, used with permission.
Coconut pond with stone pathway.

This year, The Magic Onions' family's fairy garden really expanded—into a steamer trunk!

Photos by Donni's Dovie Moon, used with permission.

With delicate details.

And a handmade well!

I can't resist. We must have a fairy garden for Starboy's gnomes and fairies to play in. We just must. Starboy is very excited about it. Coincidentally, The Magic Onions announced that this year's Fairy Garden Contest is coming up! Check out previous entries here.

Let the daydreaming begin....on my Pinterest fairy garden board.

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