Friday, April 20, 2012

Fairyland furniture shopping

A charming English garden entrance for gnomes and fairies from Miniature Garden Shoppe.

Well, all of this fairy garden research has had me pining for teeny tiny accoutrements. While there are a lot of choices out there (eBay is a good place to look), I decided to try the Miniature Garden Shoppe, because they had comparable prices to everywhere else, and they had a good variety of arbors and accessories. Natural Havens also had a lot of great choices, and flat-rate shipping, but I found a few more treasures at MGS, and I only wanted to pay shipping one time.

Just check out this cuteness!

I love this arbor with the gates that open and close. I can just see a fairy vine trained up both sides. Beautiful!

The cuteness of this bird feeder! It's killing me! This is the tiniest of gardens—can't you just see it on a sunny windowsill?

If your fairies are into the mid-century modern vibe, their garden might include chairs like this, and tiny glasses of scotch.

Starboy definitely is going to need a bridge for his fairy garden.

I wish I'd ordered a bucket so he can water his fairies' plants!

I love how wheelbarrows are a classic symbol of gardening. Does anyone even use them any more?
Starboy definitely needs some gardening tools. Wish I'd ordered some!

We could finish the English garden with this prim but weathered bench for having a chat...

And, just when you think you've bought everything, Christmas will roll around and you'll have to redecorate! You wouldn't want those fairies to feel snubbed!

Many of these items are at a variety of online shops; I just happened to find the Miniature Garden Shoppe through a Google search and decided to give them a try. I don't receive any benefit for telling you about them. If you have a favorite spot for finding little treasures for your fairy garden, could you mention them in the comments?

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