Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Tie" garden

Starboy takes ownership of the red pepper plant. Techman finished fixing the sprinkler system this weekend, too.

It seemed time to finally plant some organic veggies and herbs in a small garden. They used to call these Victory Gardens, but since I kill nearly everything I plant, I didn't want to cheer prematurely. I think this garden will be more of a "draw."

Techman and I have been talking about building a raised bed for the back yard in the single sunny spot we have (not complaining; the shade is great in the summer and fall), but there is a lot of work to do back there, and neither of us have gotten around to making a plan or finding the location, so I decided just to press forward and use terra cotta containers in a sunny sliver of front yard.

A catalyst to all of this was winning a prize at a baby shower last week for being able to name 20 out of 24 baby names for animals. (A kangaroo baby is a joey. A baby eagle is an eaglet. A baby bear is a cub. And so forth.) It was a Cliff Claven moment, rewarded with a a little rake, a small red pepper plant, carrot seeds and cucumber seeds.

None of which had occurred to me to plant before.

So I picked up some planters, some herbs to replace the ones I killed from the farmer's market last August, and two "very sweet!" tomato plants. The cucumber seeds went into the right-hand pot with the pepper. Which seems ridiculous. Don't cucumbers need more space? Apparently I like trying things the hard way. I really wanted to try zucchini, but there was a small voice of reason in my head pulling hard on the reins.

The apple mint is for Starboy. I happen to know that mint and chives are fairly unkillable. But I don't really like chives.

Come to think of it, I don't like mint, either. But it's fun in the yard.

Thyme, oregano and flat leaf parsley.

Cilantro, rosemary, and maybe room for one more. I have no idea if that sprinkler head works.

We also planted basil seeds to sprout indoors, and the carrots went in a pot all their own, as well as a whole pot full of kale.

Are you supposed to sprout basil indoors? I feel like everything I know about gardening is like a memory of a dream from preschool projects. I am very afraid of the Internet on this one. I don't need another hobby to get all detail-oriented about. I just want to know that I always have cilantro and basil without paying three bucks at the store.

Starboy has been a little under the weather this week, so aside from the attachment to the red pepper plant (and let me be clear: He wouldn't touch a red pepper on his plate at any meal with a 3-foot fork and a pair of gloves on), and a few minutes with the soil and the spade, he was a little out-of-it. I'm hoping this week he'll feel a little better. I know he's going to like the watering. Let's hope he will like weeding, too.

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