Friday, November 9, 2012

Comet eggs

Seriously, I do serve Starboy more than just eggs. ... ... There's yogurt, anyway.

Okay, well that's a conversation for another day.

Continuing the "week of eggs" posts...Recently he got a big comet-ball-o-fire toast-n-eggs combo, out of sheer luck! The eggs leaked out of the "nest" of the birds-in-a-nest, and check out the happy accident.

Not that he knows what a comet is. But hey, he ate breakfast without complaining, so I'm counting that as a win and moving on.

He does not like the "yellow" part of the egg, so I generally scramble the eggs with some basil and dill before putting them in the "nest." From an adult perspective it's not as tasty this way, but it's actually fine.

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