Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nostalgia generator

A timeless classic. 

You know you've been wanting to make some....

Just shred your crayons and collect some supple leaves...

Find the waxed paper and remember the days when your grandmother actually wrapped sandwiches in this stuff.
Channel your inner Cliff Clavin on the topic here.

Add another layer of waxed paper....
Starboy calls these stained glass creations "sandwiches," because I told him to "make a sandwich" with the paper.

...Put the three-year-old in charge of the hot iron, while he stands on a milk crate on uneven concrete...

Remember that the wax shavings get everywhere, so a layer of newspaper on the bottom and an old towel on top will prevent your day (and your future interview shirt) from being ruined.

 Then admire the beauty of nature's colors.
Um. And Crayola's.

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