Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crafting Binge - Holiday pillow covers

I decided to stitch some fleece pillow covers for the pillows on our outdoor furniture. The 18" pillow inserts are from Ikea. I was inspired by modern felt Christmas stockings like these on Etsy, and of course the classic Crate and Barrel mod images we see every year.

The design was simple but MAN was it time-consuming! It probably took more than an hour to cut and applique each snowflake. I didn't think about the math of the distance around the edge of the snowflakes. But I like the design!

I made the red covers for our outdoor table and chairs, and the white ones for our front porch swing. Fleece is washable!

Each tree pillow has a slightly different design. I ran out of fleece, so I still have one more pillow to make.

I cut out the cardinal freehand, and you can see it took me a few tries!

Starboy helped me with the photos for the blog in our fake-o natural light studio. We're still working on the "light and shadow" chapter of his visual education!

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