Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gnomy Village

Starboy asked for a new gnome house today to add to his collection. I'd thought I'd keep them all green and floral, but then there was a Christmas one....and then I forgot to buy the floral tissue at the store, and....here we are with the mismatches. Ah, well.

The gnomes are from Etsy shop You're Inspired. Here they are playing in their garden, which I made during a quiet day at Starboy's art class. (Glass beads, plastic gems, puffs and pom-pons glued to cardboard with white glue.) The theme of the day was icy frost on the green grass at the beginning of winter. Since Starboy's was "art," he's so far reluctant to play with it. But soon I think the gnomes will have more garden space.

Starboy's two caterpillars also frolicked in the green grass today. He also made those in art class, with Crayola air-dry clay, chenille stems, pompons and wooden beads. Great project. Rolling the clay is one of the many pre-writing activities that builds muscles in preparation for holding a pencil.
Here, I guess the truck driver is mushroom-picking from the garden. Those are simply water-color painted cabinet knobs (but not very carefully painted). The yellow spots don't show up very well.

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