Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For something a little different, we had breakfast for dinner the other night. I'd meant to make the crepes just for Starboy, but then it got late and they smelled sooo tasty.....that we ate the whole batch while they were hot.

I used this Williams-Sonoma recipe, substituting Trader Joe's Fig Butter for the fig jam. In this omelette pan, I ended up using 4 Tbsp of batter for each crepe, so we only got about 6 crepes out of the recipe. Oh, and since I started the whole project about 15 minutes before dinner time, I didn't let the batter rest for two hours as described. Sacré bleu!

I used a log of herbed chèvre instead of plain crumbled. I put the fig butter inside the crepe, since it wasn't going to be all that attractive to smear on the outside, and I didn't feel like going to the trouble to set up a squeeze bottle. Plus I wasn't sure how Starboy was going to react to weird brown sauce, since he has entered the Picky Toddler Eating Phase. The toaster oven was set on 200˚.

The flavor was pure perfection.

I have made this recipe in the past for a large crowd and it goes most smoothly if the crepes are prepared and stuffed in advance and then broiled just before guests sit down. I've found it takes about an hour to make the crepes for 12 people, and with delicate aromas like that, it's a pretty long hour for hungry bellies.


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