Friday, February 3, 2012

Bath time trick: Glow bath! *

Starboy has been wrestling a barky cough and a mild fever this week, and it's really disrupting his sleep (and ours!). He wasn't interested in playing in the bathroom for a steam treatment, or a bath at all, until I brought out an ace from the mommy trick deck of cards—glow sticks!

This genius was a lifesaver to get Starboy to soak with some herbal bubbles to clear his congestion. I wish I could take credit for dreaming it up, but I recently caught up on my RSS queue with Play at Home Mom, which has fantastic ideas in every post, and they had a whole list of things to do with glow sticks—this was one of them.

The sticks were mostly trains, but they also became a giant bus steering wheel, wheels on cars, roads, a fishing pole, and bubble illuminators.

Every time he popped them apart, he said, "POP!" These were a great tool for a looong bath, and at about 36 cents, a bargain (the sticks come 15 for $1 at Michael's Craft Stores). Unfortunately, they are not that granola. Sorry, Mr. Landfill. We got all first-world-y on you tonight. Please try to disintegrate our plastic in less than a million years.

*Updated: Reminder—Store the glow sticks in the freezer overnight and you might get an extra day or two out of them. They aren't as bright, but in the winter darkness, they still are intriguing!

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