Sunday, February 26, 2012

Watercolor playdate

Mary Jane came over for a play date last week. She loves art, so I try to offer an art or craft project when she comes.

The kids used liquid watercolors on wet watercolor paper, with cutouts of butterflies to stick on. Wet-on-wet watercolor painting is a traditional Waldorf activity. And we have learned to use tissue paper shapes in Miss Molly's classes (I put a little glue in the paint so they would stick when the paint dries, but some of the butterflies tried to fly away and had to be re-glued on.). But I admit, since I hadn't planned ahead, the butterflies, and pretty much the whole setup, we first saw in Miss Molly's class.

Bleeding tissue paper, Miss Molly says, adds an additional level of interest to the child's work and to the finished artwork. Then I gave the kids some salt so they could experiment with what it would do. Starboy put all of his salt in the same place on his work. (The grid lines are from using a milk crate as a drying rack. Note to self: clear off outdoor art table so we can use it as a drying rack.)

Then I brought out the bingo markers. Neither of them had ever seen one. They figured out what to do right away.

I had no idea the markers were going to splat like crazy. I thought they would make dots, like Do-a-Dot markers. When they figured out there was a splat factor, they experimented with how big of a splat they could make. Luckily the watercolors are washable, and the wall that Techman painted was easily cleaned while the watercolor splashes were wet. There are still splat marks on the floor (and the clean laundry I hadn't put away, that was five feet from the project. Note to self: finish chores.)

Mary Jane added salt to her bingo marker work, but Starboy was too busy splatting to add salt.

Wouldn't this make great handmade wrapping paper?

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