Saturday, February 18, 2012

Building skills with Lite Brite

Starboy practiced his fine motor skills and color matching by building a Lite Brite picture on an old set Grandma had saved. He had to learn how much pressure to use to poke the pegs through the paper and holes. At first he asked for help, but shortly he bristled at such a thing, saying, "I want to do it by myself."

He didn't seem to notice the alpha-clues in each dot to indicate color (B for blue, O for orange), but maybe he did. He seemed mostly to match the color to the picture, but also favor a use of the purple pegs.

He was extremely engaged in making it work. He did tire after about 25 minutes and he didn't get much farther in the picture than what you see here, but the experience seemed to make an impression on him.

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