Friday, February 10, 2012

Beeswax polishing

Beeswax polishing is a classic Montessori activity. It builds the finger muscles, provides sensory interaction, gives practice in step-by-step instructions, and more.

You can buy beeswax to smear on with fingers or a cloth, but I made our own last summer, using Amber Dusick's recipe. (Don't miss her cryingly funny blog Parenting. Illustrated With Crappy Pictures.) It's beeswax from the farmer's market, melted in the microwave with olive oil. It lasts a year or two after you make it, depending on how it's stored.

Rubbing the wax on with a cloth is trickier.

After allowing the smeared beeswax polish to sit for a while, you rub it off with a second cloth. The result is a satiny-smooth finish.

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