Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

We're having a great family Valentine's Day! We started with heart-shaped french toast.

We went to the zoo, and after seeing the feeding of these Gray's Monitors earlier this week, Starboy now refers to them as "the mouse-eaters."

Surprise snacks from Mommy! More on this tomorrow. Just noticing the t-shirt? More on that here.

Tina the elephant helps herself to a drink of water.

 Even the winter animals are enjoying the Valentine's spirit.

 I'm giving Techman a jar of chocolates, with a circle glued to the bottom of each one noting something I love about him. (Whew, this takes longer to create than writing a card! Plan ahead!)

Tired boys at a tasty lunch spot.

Techman also gave me some beautiful red roses, but I haven't photographed them—and our lunch was delicious!

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