Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Clucking spring chickie — this one's for Julie!

Meeting Julie reminded me I have tons of crafty ideas to work on, and it's time to get crackin'! Thanks for the inspiration, Julie— Here we go!

This hilarious chickie is from the Willowday blog. I could not resist trying it. When you yank on the string inside the cup (the cup also serves as a stand to hold the chick up), you can make it cluck! Check out her video.

Starboy loved doing his own cutting, and this led to a full half hour of self-directed cutting. He took a paper filled with stickers he stuck yesterday and cut them apart into "toys" for his little plastic animals to play with. All the stickers were round or oval, so it was great practice for him.

So nevermind that this is a yellow, young chick, that also happens to have a rooster comb. And that young chicks might peep. I guess we should have used white or brown paper, maybe.

Speaking of paper, our regular 9x12 construction paper was pretty flimsy for this project. I'd recommend tag board or an old folder. I see now that we over-glued the are in the valley of the U, which makes him look a little strained. Oh! And googly eyes! I totally forgot about that! Ah, well.

We used foam stickers we had on hand for the beak and comb.

Happy Spring!

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