Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter snail mail treats

I'm still a fan of snailmail. The gratification of email is addictive, but it's not the same as the satisfaction of receiving something a person created with his hands. Took the time to sit down and write. 

So I'm a huge fan of Amber Lee's 13 Ounces or Less series on GiversLog. The post office will ship nearly anything as long as it has correct postage. They prefer things to be secured in a box, so they can safely travel through their machines, but where's the adventure and love in that?

Last year, I sent The Optimist a plastic egg made with a felt chickie. This year I found a larger egg, so the package was a little more deluxe. I took out a few of the things that came with the egg, and added a few more.

It included a felt bunny that I made, some chocolate carrots, chocolate eggs, and declarations of love about books. The Optimist loves books. And chocolate. What could be a better surprise in the mail?

I slipped the address inside the egg, and the stamps went outside.

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