Friday, March 15, 2013

New Sparkle Stories series — and a free story!

A new Sparkle Stories series launches next week—More Adventures with Martin and Silvia!

To celebrate, they are sharing a free story called Everywhere Explorers:

When Martin and Sylvia play "explorers," they don their special hats and venture happily into the back yard or surrounding forest with their eyes and ears ready to discover something new. But their sense of adventure is put to the test when they are told they need to spend a whole day in Momma's office. "Explorers always find something exciting everywhere they go," says Daddy. But brother and sister are not so sure. Could they really be explorers—everywhere?

Starboy is in love with Sparkle Stories, and Martin and Sylvia are practically part of our family. If you haven't checked them out, try the free story!

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