Thursday, January 3, 2013

Homemade Cheez-Its

Techman and I both have a weakness for Cheez-Its, but I try not to buy them because they are utter junk. And I will eat half the box on the way home.

But Smitten Kitchen has a dandy recipe for homemade fish crackers that taste just like Cheez-Its—only better. Just flour, cheese, butter, and a little seasoning. The only real work is in the shape-cutting.

For New Year's, I made cheddar stars. As the appetizer for cheese fondue. And ice cream for dessert.

It was a dairy good sendoff to 2012 in our little bungalow. Right up Starboy's alley.

The recipe filled two jelly roll baking sheets. I re-rolled the dough twice, and it didn't seem to get too overworked.

 That's a lot of 1" stars. Until you start eating them. Then it's not so many.

At some point I got tired of cutting out stars, and baked the large scraps and a bunch of rectangles.

They toast up purty.

These won't last on the counter for long, and would make a great gift. They do seem a bit soggy on the second day, but a few minutes in a warm oven should crisp them right up.

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  1. Those crackers look so good! Love how you small them so small and cute! Happy New Year! Angie xo