Sunday, October 23, 2011

Buzzkill at the park

The Halloween costumes were great, and the party was lovely, until ... one of our friends let us know that the car had been broken into—the window was smashed.

They got my big, leather mama purse, and half the baby monitor.

Half. They took the receiver and the cords, but not the base. And Starboy's headlamp was in the case with a bunch of extra batteries.

We left the party early so I could call the credit card company, the banks, and start making lists. Starboy got a can of soup for dinner, and late. Techman vacuumed glass for a long time, and I still see glittery specs.

Yes, yes, you never should leave your valuables in the car, but ironically since I knew there were going to be at least 40 people at the party, I thought it wasn't a good idea to dump my bag by a tree—surely it would be much safer locked up? I was distracted and rushed and actually left it on the front seat. Stupid, stupid.

I never carry cash—except for this week. We'd just gone to the bank, and I had collected more than $100 in camp fees for a trip that I hadn't taken out of my bag yet. (Again: I know, I know...) So the thieves scored.

And, I used to occasionally throw the contents of my wallet onto a photocopier, so I'd know what was missing if something ever happened....but we don't have a copier at home and I haven't thought to do it at Staples when Starboy is complaining that it's time to go home. So I'm piecing together what needs to be replaced. Gift cards? Maybe there was one in there. Hope not. Our address? Yup. On the car insurance card.

They used my credit card an hour later at Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald's. Seems a bit shortsighted for joyriding on someone else's dime, but at least I don't have to argue with Visa over a large purchase of electronics equipment from China, or something.

I feel like a complete ass. I know better than to leave a bag with my wallet in it, in plain sight, when I'm out of sight. I lost some of Starboy's favorite cars. I'm worried about my safety at home with my address in the hands of strangers, and I'm worried about protecting Starboy. There's glass mixed in with a bunch of his stuff, and his sippy, and there's glass all in the car door, and all that is going to kill any plan for a non-complicated Monday, for sure.

Our deductible is high, so we probably won't bother the insurance company. It's just a loss. Of hundreds of dollars' worth of stuff, a load of time, and all before Christmas. It's just stuff, to be sure. I am so grateful it was just a smash-and-grab by folks with fast-food tastes.

But it's unnerving. I didn't even want to go to sleep last night.

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