Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Red Robin joins the Gnome friends

Red Robin plays prominently in the art class stories. She flies around over the Green Wood and brings the news to Miss Gnome and Red Gnome (whom I sometimes call Big Red). Starboy was very excited to see that Mommy was making a Red Robin just like at Miss Molly's.

I used this pattern from Lavender's Blue Design as a guideline. Wool felt (20%, that's all Joann has) is a delight to hold: warm and inviting. I cut on the sewing lines to make a slightly smaller bird. I sewed the wings on as flaps so they can be manipulated, and I added ribbons on the tail (Miss Molly's Red Robin has ribbons on her tail). Then I sewed on the right side of the fabric to give more of a folksy style, and to save the step of turning it inside out.

I stuffed her really tightly to keep her sturdy and keep her from getting mushy over time. Wool stuffing is ideal, but polyester is more cost-effective, so that's what I used.

Starboy immediately took her into his mudpie kitchen. With any luck she is a sous-chef and not joining some blackbirds in a pie.....

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