Saturday, October 22, 2011

Der gnomen-plotten


After checking that the giraffe costume fits...

then realizing it will be too bloody hot to wear to an afternoon party that, anyway, is at a playground with a sandbox....and cake...a week before Halloween....

I bust ass on a construction worker vest, which Starboy has been pining for since August.

It turned out beautifully.

I picked up a yellow t-shirt (short sleeved, an orange LS one if it gets cold, you never know) at Target, and I ordered vests from Amazon for Techman and myself, and picked up orange t-shirts for us, as well. The construction family. We'll take turns being Supervisor.

Tonight, while trying to calm Starboy to get him to sleep, I tell him about the Halloween party tomorrow. I say we can dress up.

"You could be a giraffe. Would you like to be a giraffe?"

Starboy nods. Really! Okay, that's cool. It's still an option, despite the hood.

"...Or a construction worker!" I expect him to get really excited.

But he has a funny, faraway look in his eye, the same look as when he wanted to wear the construction vest to Noah's Bagels last August. Like he's having an idea all. his. own.

"Or a gnome," he says quietly.

"A gnome? You would like to dress up as Miss Gnome? Or Red Gnome?"

Starboy nods. He looks a little shy about it. Like I'm going to tell him it's impossible, or a bad idea.

The gnomes are each other's friends, and are part of our weekly story at the art class. They have very pointy, tall hats. We do not own a very pointy, tall hat.

"Or you could be a construction worker!" I add, brightly.

"Or a gnome," Starboy says, dreamily. "Or Blue Duck. With a seashell." Another character in the story.

Great. Well a duck is completely out of the question.

After he has FINALLY fallen asleep, I pull the arm on the Google slot machine and I get: Cherries, cherries, CHERRIES!

I made three felt hats, one for each of us, with stuff I already had. They took just minutes. With a plaid shirt and lederhosen, I think it's an instant costume.

If there is time tomorrow, I hope to get some more ribbon to make the Mama hat more detailed, but since I promised to bake bread for the party and forgot to do it today, the chances of pulling that off are fairly low.

At this point, I don't know that I'll even show him the construction worker vest. Because if we can get Fritz's lederhosen for Techman, that right there is a day that provides pictures you couldn't buy for all the money in the world.

Stay tuned.

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