Saturday, March 3, 2012

Car eggs

Every morning Starboy and I have the same conversation:

Starboy: "I want some Os. I want some Os wit milt."

I haven't mentioned this before, but Techman's side of the family runs a pretty serious cereal gene. It's a breakfast, it's a dinner, it's a dessert topping, it's a floor wax. They love their cereal. Starboy has been afflicted as well.

Mommy: "We can't have milk right now, with your snotty nose. How about some eggs?"

Starboy: Lets out wail, drops to knees, pounds floor, starts to cry.

Mommy: "Oh, you wanted some Os. That's disappointing, isn't it. Let's see what we can do. Let's have some eggs first and then some Os."

I always hope this will work. Usually he's so hungry that it does. Not always. Today I kicked it up a notch.

Mommy: "Would you like some car eggs?"

He perked up.

I mixed the usual concoction: one egg, basil, dill, salt, and as much spinach as I can fit in the egg and pass off as "seasoning."

I buttered the car cookie cutter, and poured the egg mixture in the buttered pan while holding it down on the pan.

Starboy climbed up into his tower to supervise.

A good portion of the egg snuck out the bottom. I tried to scrape it away while it was cooking, then I trimmed the rest with kitchen shears at the end. The scraps were presented as the "road."

Starboy ate the road then asked for the car to be cut up so he could eat it. I felt badly about doing it, though, and offered that, since it was a car, he could pick it up and eat it like a cookie.

He gobbled it.

Then asked for Os. "With no milt."

And toast. With jam.

And juice.

And more Os.

And then a third serving of Os. Growth spurt, much?

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