Saturday, March 24, 2012

Data Disaster

Ironically, on the eve of the National Day of Unplugging, my hard drive utterly croaked and is completely dead in the water.

Conveniently, I hadn't backed up in...oh...months. So, lots has gone missing. And never mind the two hours I spent just before it happened creating a database of education links for the charter school that's trying to get off the ground. And I can't even bellyache about any of it since I didn't ensure that Time Machine could do its backup. I had been warned.

Techman says he can't make any of his extraordinary tips and tricks even recognize the disk, so we might not be able to recover any of it. If you know of any superhuman Mac data recovery resources, feel free to recommend in the comments below.

Coming up: Reports on re-establishing rhythm in the home, if not Waldorf-style, then back-up-every-Friday style.


  1. There's supposed to be a great Mac place on Sunset in Silverlake. My brother swears by the dude. Check Yelp and if you can't find it that way let me know and I'll ask my brother.

    1. Okay, thanks! Techman thinks it's all doomed. There's at least six years' worth of photos on there. I have an old backup so hopefully not everything is lost, but it's looking pretty bad at this point. I feel like such an ass for slacking on the backups.