Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring bluebird comes to the Nature Table

Starboy has been pressing for some feathered fauna for his nature table. I have drooled over lovely wooden bird sets on Esty, and the delicious Ostheimer classics (O! The tree!), but at $7-18 apiece, that's a lot of dough for a little wood. So I promised him I would make some. How? I had no idea.

He began a campaign, and I had to get creative quickly. Or else find earplugs. So I modified the Lavender's Blue pattern, by printing it out at about 30% size, so the finished bird would be about three inches across. The scale is awful for the table, but I wanted to try a small size that wouldn't give me arthritis at my first attempt. And hey, she fits in the nest pretty well.

There is some kind of science going on with that egg of hers, eh?

Since the bird was so small, I did not turn it inside out, but hand-embroidered the piecing with a blanket stitch.

Anyone have any other quick, cute birdie projects we should add to our flock?

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