Monday, March 26, 2012

Nature Table Update

The Thumbstumbler requested an overall photo of our nature table, which you also can see here, here, and here.

The "nature table" actually is a cutting board covered with a playsilk. But given the bench, the scene is expanding with a pond to the south, and a shamrock forest and a nature library to the north.

It's not the most beautiful nature table on record. Meg of Sew Liberated has a great nature table in a cabinet (to keep the cat out). Waldorf Mama, who appears to own the entire incredible catalog of Ostheimer figurines, has some lovely nature scenes on their table each season. Simmy, of the now defunct Echoes of a Dream has some beautiful scenes as well—her Snowdrop Fairies (peg people) are super cute.

But it all depends on your view of the table and how it will serve your family. While it seems obvious that one purpose of many nature tables is to feed Mommy's crafty spirit, in many homes it's about what the family builds together. At our house, Starboy can play with the items but make sure they "live" at the nature table when he is finished, and it's a car-free zone. We all contribute to the table. At our local Waldorf school, the nature table is a scene developed by the teacher that is meant to develop respect--so children can look with their eyes, but not play with the characters.

Here's a nice essay about nature tables from The Magic Onions.

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