Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Downtown flower mart

We've made a couple of trips this summer to the LA Flower Market. It's a great experience for kids—and for mommies who want a deal on flowers! The Optimist even joined us on one of our trips!

There are all kinds of great things to see. I had great fun choosing wedding reception flowers here several years ago (NOT frog-shaped). But—I didn't choose a reputable florist and he stood me up, so my party had no flowers at all. Can you believe that?! He was a vendor's employee. I should have contracted with a reputable vendor.

Lots of scents, sights and sounds.

You have to get to the market early—8am for mere mortals like ourselves. Wholesale florists are able to shop earlier. We make sure there's a breakfast treat somewhere along the way, too.

Starboy loved the flying toys and tried to convince me we needed to take one home.


A tradition here seems to be giving orchid "lei" necklaces to graduates and students culminating. Fun!

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