Monday, August 12, 2013

Story of a fairy garden

This year's fairy garden started out beautifully. I never got around to entering Donni's contest, which we really enjoyed participating in last year, but the design is basically the same, anyway.

Starboy used his heavy construction vehicles to do some of the big work.

We added a bubbling creek this year.

The arbor has done well outside since last year.

The animals still love the pond.

Looks wonderful, right?

Well, that lasted a number of weeks, in late spring. Then we cut down a bunch of bushes, changed the light on the garden, and fried everything. Instantly.

Except for the bacopa that we couldn't keep alive last year, which seems to be thriving, despite intense neglect.

The melon isn't doing so well, either. I actually took care of that one, but he didn't make it.

The tomatoes are coming in. Although a skunk or a mole snagged this yellow tomato before we could enjoy it.

The peacevine tomatoes are delicious, but are sized for mice. Tomatoes sure are a lot of work and water.

So, hopefully next year we'll do better with the fairy garden. Hop over to Donni's site to see the amazing creations made by those with greener thumbs than ours!

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