Thursday, June 21, 2012

Catching up -- Lummis Day with El Rio

 Some of you may remember that I've been working on a display table for a new Waldorf-inspired charter school starting up near us. The school set up an information table at Lummis Day, a huge local festival for this side of town.

 And when I say, "the school," I mean, my new BFF Cade* and me. We were the organizing committee, along with an awesome volunteer coordinator. Cade and I developed the overhead banner, the vertical banner to the right, flyers about the school and she wants to develop a bookmark. I put together the table, the "Think Play Do" banner, the bunting, and the craft stuff.

It was creating, crafting and editing on steriods, to be sure.

 Here's the "before" shot of the table.

*Nearly everyone gets a code name at Egg Juice, to help with privacy.

 And the corner display.


And the "after."



We also offered a great craft, making bottle cap pins and magnets. Totally fun! We had supplies to make 300, and we had only seven left at the end. A success!

The school's curriculum will not be a full Waldorf program, but will be "Waldorf-inspired." This is in part because of required standardized testing, which is not a part of the original Rudolf Steiner philosophy. They call it "Think+Play+Do Learning," and also will be offering related teacher training as part of the school's set-up. I find this exciting.

In the meantime, getting everything ready has been a lot of work, but fun as well. 

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