Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Splat-Marker Thank Yous

Starboy was asking to do something "special," and with some quick creativity I was able to check an item off of our "to do list."

We've been using splat markers for some art play and color exploration. Actually these are bingo markers, filled 50/50 with liquid watercolors and water. Starboy and Mary Jane discovered within about the first two minutes of use that when applied with force, the bingo marker makes a satisfying splat. We have called them splat markers ever since.

And, since that day, splat-marking has become an outdoor activity. The liquid watercolors are washable, but the splats were extending five to seven feet across the room and it was getting a little stressful for Mommy.

Anyway, Starboy received an embarrassment of riches from grandparents and family friends during my brother's wedding last week (insert crowd cheering sound, here). It was like a mini-Christmas. So, while teasing him with the prospect of creating some art, I grilled him on the messages he would like to put in his thank you notes, and quickly scribbled dictation.

I taped all the notes to our art table so he easily could reach each one. Then he splatted to his heart's content.

And a language milestone: Wanting my participation, Starboy asked: "Mommy, will you splat-mark with me?"

Although the past tense of -ed verbs such as "ask" comes out as:  "ask-ed-ed," he figured the verb for this semi-made-up noun. Which also is interesting because usually with markers, we don't "mark," we "color."

Splat-marking is really fun, and can make a great DIY gift-wrap project!

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