Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh, all right...

Ready for business, the hibernating yoga mat and weights used to train for a week of ice climbing ("Have an ice day!!") long ago return from the depths of the basement. Do you think the trainer will notice they are eights instead of tens? I was hoping to start this project without buying a lot of new things. The sport top, sure, is badly needed. And the sport clothes I tried on at Target, well...let's just say I'm not in danger on spending money on that for a while.

Day two of boot camp wasn't nearly as horrible as day one (more weight training and less jumping around), but I still turned stupid at about minute 44 and my body gave up. And I was delighted to find that my water bottle was caked with some old coffee from about two weeks ago. Yech.

At least the group is fun and the host has a sand table that Starboy loves.

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