Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fairy Findings in San Juan Cap

During our Father's Day train trip this weekend, we wandered about and discovered a little shop that specializes in fairy gardens! It's  Cottage Home and Garden, right next to the tracks. Lucky find!

They had several sample gardens, and lots and lots and lots of treasures to take home for your own garden. I wish we'd known before starting ours—it's even more fun to shop in person than online.

Do you love it? Don't forget the contest is still open over at The Magic Onions. Send in photos of your own garden! Starboy has loved playing in his garden!

Some fairies have their gardens to go. Starboy wanted to take this one home with him.

 Hoopin' fairy! I wonder if there are any poi-dancing fairies?

 The treasures were incredible—like a bunny hutch with bunnies inside.

Plenty of fairy houses and garden features.

 Itty bitty birdhouses for the fairies!

We've had great fun with our garden—hope this helps inspire you to try one as well!

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