Sunday, June 24, 2012

Instant garden

Aunt Troi* gave us an incredible gift this week— an absolute mountain of succulent clippings!

I have monkey gloves and you don't.

"Before." This isn't even all of them—I gave one bucket full of clippings to the Thumbstumbler and another to Starboy's grandma.

"Before." Five medium pots ($8) and three small ones ($7) from Home Depot, along with a few repurposed ones from the yard, and we probably could have used three times that many.

*Nearly everyone gets a code name to help with privacy

"After." Fantastic, no?

Our yard gets great light, playing through the trees.

And geraniums! Before....


The fairies are glad to have new places to play.

I added a few clippings from our own pots. Everything looks green and healthy. I hope I can keep that up. Remember that old commercial: "It's nine o'clock. Do you know where your children are?" I need a gadget to say: "It's Tuesday, have you watered the plants lately?"

Just wait until you see my clinging-to-life roses. It's abusive, really, the neglect they suffer.

 The pots are all over both the front and back yards, now. Like little nature gems.

I forget what this one is called. It's a little pink flower on long thin stems and is drought tolerant. She gave us two medium ones and a large, so I was able to split the large into four plants. I put them to the side because they looked like they might attract bees.

 It seems like miles of succulents. Though truthfully, they all are lost in our overgrown lush yard.

This is a long shot. The soil here is just a bunch of sandy dirt. I have no idea how plants could live in it. Well, actually, they don't. It's just a hill of dirt. And the sand is eroding away. I'm hoping the roots will help out. And maybe a series of prayers.

I love the purple ones.

I also replanted the Christmas cactus my dad and his new wife sent in December. It came in a really tacky white basket. Gone!

Meanwhile in the fairy garden, the animals are taking a group nap. They must come from Techman's side of the family.

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