Thursday, August 16, 2012

Creative Lunch

 Starboy has the typical toddler diet—he only likes a few foods: yogurt, cheese, eggs, bread. Cheese. Did I mention yogurt? I haven't been mixing it up lately, but he's also going through a needy and dramatic stage, so combining those two things can put a lot of pressure on mealtime. I asked him how he wanted his sandwich cut yesterday, thinking: two triangles....four triangles....four squares....and he said:

"I want a trash truck sandwich."

I got lucky, I figured it out. With a can of trash.
I also made him a giant sun omelette (this was dinner tonight), cut into rays and circles.

Little to no interest. I ate half of it and Tech man ate most of the rest. Starboy had had a long day with no nap, so he ended up with three bites of eggs, water and some Mama's milk for dinner. Breakfast could be something ugly tomorrow!

Oh wait, it is tomorrow. Time for bed.

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