Friday, August 3, 2012

Fairy bunting

A tiny fairy bunting banner is all the rage these days. While creating some bunting for Starboy's birthday party, I decided the fairies would feel left out if their space didn't have some celebration in it, too.

photo: M. Bloom / We Bloom Here

I first saw the idea on the spectacular We Bloom Here blog. She used red thread and paper, so simple! I wanted our fairies to have matching party bunting, however, and I didn't feel like wrestling with glue.

And, the sewing machine already was out and set up.

First, I folded fabric scraps in half, so that the height of the folded piece was about the height of the finished triangles. Then I stitched across, just below the fold, so a needle could fit in between the stitching and the fold.

Then I cut the trips into triangles, using one "good" one as a stencil.

On my second try, I folded slightly taller scraps, then stitched along the top and the bottom, both. Along the bottom I had to sew two lines, to create a channel for the needle. When I cut the triangles out, there were hardly any scraps left, as the negative space from one triangle became a new triangle. This resulted in much quicker bunting-making.

I used doubled thread (these will be used for a kids' party) on a needle and fed the triangles onto the line. Soup to nuts, I think this whole project took maybe 10 minutes.

Garden happiness! These are taped to some cardboard so they don't get scrambled before we put them up for the party.

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