Friday, August 31, 2012

Reading Roundup

Here are some things I've been reading this week. Each story could be its own post...but...I need to occasionally do things that do not involve sitting at a computer.

Judge Invalidates Fla. State Board Rule on Teacher Evaluations, Tampa Bay Times (Aug. 22, 2012). As Diane Ravitch says on her blog: "This teacher-evaluation stuff is complex, poorly thought out, and endlessly divisive. It is being foisted on states across the nation—Thank you, Race to the Top—without any clear evidence that it works."

Was Van Gogh color blind? Asada's Memorandum (~Aug. 2, 2012)

Web sites Accused of Collecting Data on Children, New York Times (Aug. 22, 2012)

BPA may last in our bodies for generations, Grist (Aug. 28, 2012) via Sweet Ginger Mama

How to Avoid Pthalates and BPA, with links to lots of other stories on same, The Daily Green (Feb. 4, 2008) via Sweet Ginger Mama

Rare Hantavirus kills second Yosemite visitor, AP via (Aug. 29, 2012)

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