Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I get these ideas.

Crafty ideas. 

They saunter in, take root, then multiply.

Like horsetail grass. 

Or bunnies.

It started here. And here.


And here.

Oh, and then there was this.

Starboy has been thrilled with his fairy garden (which has half died in the heat, ahem, but that's a post for another day), and loves reasons to eat cake party. So back last spring, I started creating and collecting ideas for a woodland-themed small party for Starboy's and Techman's birthdays, which are a few days apart. 

Just make a few fairies in the backyard, I thought.

...And a garden. Fairy gardens, with their own fairies to play in them, I added. 

With bagels. And maybe some nice tablecloths.

Y mas.

Emphasis on the mas.

We usually have the party in August, to celebrate summer, birthdays, and to relax before things get really crazy in the fall. And when I say "we," generally I mean: "I." Techman really could do without it. He'd rather not bother with the planning, the myriad multitasking details, the cleaning. I'm not sure which he cares for less, the planning or the cleaning.

However, after much planning, quiche-making, and updating with painters and carpenters, it seems the exterior paint project on our house isn't going to be anywhere near finished by our target date, so, a September gathering it is. I'm not sure I need a chance to plan more. But I'm looking forward to getting friends together and giving kids some space to create, dream and imagine, in honor of Starboy's happy life.

Stay tuned for crafts and projects I'm playing with, to turn our sorry and overgrown back garden into a gnome and fairy wonderland.

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