Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Imagination Car

Techman thinks it was a pet kennel turned upside-down, with a seat added. 

I scored big at a westside garage sale this summer (the fancy part of town). When you discover the sale is run by an old-school elementary teacher cleaning out her classroom, it's your lucky day.

I really agonized over the wheel-less wagon, because of the size. It's a great size, it's just that our place doesn't have much space, and we have to choose carefully. I'm very careful, but I make way more choices than Techman would make! He thinks we need less clutter, and I think we only need more closets (which brings to mind this story about discount shopping, that should be a cautionary tale to all partners. But I digress.).

Luckily the voice inside my head wouldn't let me walk home without this thing. This imagination car is solid wood, recently painted, and only set me back three bucks. It's a bargain at twice the price.

Originally, Starboy said it was a boat. (Perhaps it needs to be repainted pea-green.)

But once he realized he could drive Daddy, he took him to the United States. 

I'm so excited about this; I think it's a genius invention and everyone should have one.

I also got a marble run for Aunt Troi's house, a box of K'nex for Grandma's, an old-fashioned wooden top, some classic books with great illos, and more—all for $8. I wish Starboy had a chance to get this teacher in school—she had all the great open-ended stuff.


  1. I've posted the measurements here in case there is anyone crafty enough at your house to make one without a pattern.