Monday, April 1, 2013

Cork boats — dry dock

 Jonah Lisa Land had a great post on cork boats, and I knew we had to try them! I set up a special, impromptu playdate with a couple of art class pals, at the only park  I could think of with a small stream.

To save time, I glue-gunned the corks together and inserted the screw eyes. The kids did the string, the mast and the sticky foam sail (they didn't want to hunt down a leaf for the sail). Not that stellar in terms of participation, but I wanted them to focus on the floating.

Only the "floating" bit was a little pathetic. We couldn't hike far enough to check out the stream, and the dog-walkers coming from that direction didn't think it was running, anyway.

 So the kids dragged the boats through the Los Angeles dried desert sand. Cue cartoon sad trumpet.

Hopefully we can find a better stream for a re-do. I'm setting the boat aside for a camping trip.

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