Monday, April 8, 2013

We officially are artists

It's official. Starboy and I officially are 3D artists participating in a group show at MOCA's Geffen Contemporary

 Seriously! Urs Fischer needed our help. You know, friend of a friend. We couldn't leave him hanging.

Urs (above, right) has been really excited about all of the great clay work over the last month. It was a great idea he had, bringing together an esteemed collection of artists (like ourselves) to literally fill a museum with creativity, exploration and work.

Now that's a museum filled with artwork. And this is only one of the galleries—there were at least six. Which came first, the sculpture or the sculptor?

Shhh....we're creating.

At about fifteen bucks per bag of clay, perhaps it's a good time to thank our sponsors.

Have you ever hit a wall in your creativity? Try texture!

Starboy was set on making a train—it ended up having a lot of mommy support. Next stop: AVAM. Look out, Mose Tolliver. All we need is a little whimsy and we may catch up to you.

We found some beautiful vertical blocks over near R2D2 and they looked like a perfect city to run a train around. So we did.

Ree* is an artist in her own right, and Raven* and Storm* come from a long line of creativity and art. They made a train, too.

 Ceci n'est pas un efroidisseur d'eau.

 We should have moved a clay kitty onto this sofa. Then added some scratch marks on one of the arms.

So come on downtown and see our work, starting April 21. I don't know how you're going to find our little trains, but I guarantee you'll see some pretty impressive things along the way. Some of them by artists.

 *To help with privacy, nearly everyone gets a code name. Except Urs.


  1. Wow-za!!! Now that is some art there!!! My favorite would be the clay sofa loved it.

  2. I hope that sofa doesn't crack before the show! Some of the larger pieces were having issues (while some of the smaller pieces were getting pulverized if too close to the walkway). I'm excited to see it as a finished show.

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