Thursday, April 4, 2013

Faux Colonial daytrip

 On our way back from the desert, we stopped in Oak Glen, hoping to find some berry-picking. But it was too early in the season. So we stopped at the Hawk's Head Public House at Riley's Farm instead. It is set up as a glimpse into Colonial history, but if you've ever been to Williamsburg, you'll realize it's only just a glimpse.

They did have a pig pen (the pig sounded like it had kennel cough) and a handful of chickens, and an authentic-ish store with a big flat screen showing the TV show that was shot there. There were people yelling, and intense voices, and the whole thing freaked Starboy out, so he never noticed the inviting salt water taffy, sugar-crystal lollipops, or slingshots. We got off easy.

The tavern had an old feel to it, with wood floors, candles, and simple settings. It all looked a little newly redone, though, perhaps for the TV show that was shot there.

This was fun. We also saw a guy in period costume with button-up britches and a vest that laced up in the back, and a tri-corner hat. 

This may have been the only heat for the place. Though it must be brutal in summertime.

The food was okay, not great. The applesauce was fantastic, actually. And the bread was delicious, though it didn't stand up in the sandwiches. The potato salad really was good. I didn't love the plastic condiment cups. The pewter drinking glasses were great, though. No glass in the bottom, so you could get drafted, easy. And the Mexican Coke gave a real authentic feel. (It went right along with the kids at the next table playing games on an iPhone.)

We did not take on this monster. Pity.

Miss Diane was our server. She curtsied a lot. Unless you really have a thing for the time period, working there strikes me as being a whole level of pain-in-the-ass higher than regular waitressing.

The bill came in a vinyl cover, with a faux fountain pen.

The Rileys own acres and acres and acres of Oak Glen, and we saw just a postage-stamp-sized piece of it. But in that small yard, it was easy to see how much daily nature many of today's kids miss out on: trickling brooks, bugs that are red on the underside, floating ducks, stone fireplaces, sticks, pig poop, and running free, just running. I'm a city girl, but if we could find some country land close to town (and some hearty hired help), I'd be up for it.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of a trip to Williamsburg with Starboy when he's 8 or 9 or so. 

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