Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas countdown 12 — cinnamon star ornaments

This holiday favorite comes courtesy of 5 Orange Potatoes. We've made them before, but I can't link it because Blogger's search function is kaput. Pressing onward.

 The dough is equal parts cinnamon and applesauce, with a little white glue as a binder. You can leave them out several days to dry, or put them in a low-temp oven for about 90 minutes. We made extras to hand out to the senior citizens at the rec center tomorrow, when we go to sing Christmas carols with Starboy's school. The kids at school made some, too.

 I could go blind with the nighttime lighting in my house. Photography fail.

Starboy enjoyed this one: quick and easy.

 A simple bead and bakery string, et voila — gifting goodness. We had at least 40 stars, so he needed an assist with the beading and tying.

And hey, the book even matches today, sort of. I'd rather have made the white stars, but let's not let Perfect be the enemy of Good. "The Silver Christmas Tree," by Pat Hutchins.

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