Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas countdown 19 -- Christmas tree elf ornament

We've been listening daily to the Sparkle Stories Advent Calendar stories—which are wonderful! You know what huge fans we are of the series, and of David and Lisabeth, who create the stories.

On the Sparkle Stories Facebook page, I saw a link to a wonderful felt ornament created at the Buzzmills blog. You see, in one of the stories, a Christmas Tree Elf appears to care for the tree, and he shows you that caring, by producing new ornaments for the children to notice.

Starboy found this one right away. Though he can't decide what the Christmas Tree Elf looks like.

I found the easy snowflake ornament by googling "felt ornaments." Very quick to come together. Though it could use some glitter, somehow.

Today's book: "My Prairie Christmas," by Brett Harvey. A wonderful picture book that is a great companion to "Little House on the Prairie" books (Starboy calls them "Laura and Mary books.")

I'm a little late posting this week's activities, because Starboy has come down with a fever and hasn't been wanting to do much but hang around. Poor guy. So it's been low key around here, and some of the better activities have been set aside.

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