Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas countdown 20 -- Christmas tree elf ornament, USB tree

I couldn't resist this darling ornament published at Buzzmills. It was fun to make and quick to pull together. It took Starboy a while to find, and he thinks it's a hedgehog, despite knowing that it's supposed to be a porcupine like Sylvia likes.

Starboy's still under the weather, and it's been a quiet day after a longish night. He is enthused to re-discover a little fiberoptic USB tree we were given last year, that changes colors in the dark. He waited for hours to be able to turn it on. And he's enthralled.

Starboy has been excited to hear about snow, snow, snow, and made a sled so his stuffed animals could go sledding on a hill made out of a chair with a fleece blanket and a layer of white netting over it. So today we read "White Snow, Bright Snow," a classic by Alvin Tresselt.

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