Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Countdown

I can't believe it's almost Christmas again.

I swore that I would be prepared for the Christmas Countdown project this year — pairing books with activities, prepping everything in advance....but as you've probably noticed by the intense sound of crickets chirping the last few months in this space, it's been a little crazy in Co-op Preschoolland. So here I am again, at the last minute, making my list.

Hey, my five-minute career in teaching has prepared me well for this.

Last year, we had a lot of fun exploring new activities and enjoying time together. Now that Starboy is older, a world of potential overstimulation has opened up! There's lots of stuff to do, and since it's such a short season this year, every cool event is scheduled on December 14th. I'm only exaggerating a little.

Starboy is excited to see what's behind the doors of his advent calendar, and to hear the wonderful Martin and Sylvia Sparkle Stories in the new advent calendar audio stories as their family enjoys the season. Highly recommend.

I'm really looking forward to some fun crafting and baking. Check out tags "advent" or "Christmas," to gather together what I've come up with. Or try clicking here for the December 2013 archive (and here for December 2012).

And with any luck I'll get the Christmas card out before February. That in itself would be an improvement over last year.

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