Saturday, September 8, 2012

Annual t-shirt

 I started out trying to make this shirt a while ago, but our plain grey t-shirts just didn't match. I went to American Apparel to try to find some plain shirts for Starboy, but boy it was slim pickin's there as well. (And for me? Fuhgeddaboudit.) They had some lovely colors, but the prettiest ones were 50/50, not 100% cotton. It's too warm in SoCal to mess with that.

He chose a butter yellow tee that I didn't love—I pretty much dislike almost anything yellow—but I was delighted when I got home to discover it was a perfect match for the squirrel badge. It's a much better looking shirt with the badge on it. Even though the colors seem a little rah-rah somehow.

I did my usual chain stitch all the way around, and I didn't use any backing or stabilizer, so the performance is not going to be high-caliber, especially once this thing sees the inside of our sharky washing machine. (The shirt will drip dry.) It's the largest badge that I've made for him, though there were some for Techman and me a couple of Halloweens ago about the same size, and Techman won't wear his because he says it's too heavy. So, we'll see.

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